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Since the introduction of wakeboarding in the 80’s it has definitely evolved…

It’s first major evolution was the introduction of the compression molded board with neutral flotation, next came the double high wrapped boot – securing the rider to the board better than ever before…. then came the twin tipped board.

The tide of evolution changed from the actual board to the use, and with that the extended pylon was developed which turned into the towers we know today…bringing more air to the ride.

The last evolution, five long years ago was the development of the wake system in boats and although it gave wakeboarders a HUGE edge – 
bringing massive air over the larger wake that is created – it also created a monster in the form of harder landings.

Everything has a breaking point…and professional wakeboarders have hit that limit. For the past five years they have been suffering from sore or blown out body parts for the love of the sport…

Welcome to the next evolution of wakeboarding…the AirSling (patent pending)!

The AirSling’s design includes a shock (developed exclusively by Fox Racing Shox for AirSling) which along with allowing the rider to load the line harder than ever before - also has another added benefit…when the air pressure is set correctly, the AirSling absorbs some of the force of impact when you take off and land - creating a consistent bump; saving your shoulders, forearms elbows & wrists from the pull of a conventional landing with a no-stretch line.

For years there has been discussion on ways to increase tower height, but the safety issue was always a stopping point, as the rigid pressure during jumps could tip the boat. Similarly, if you were to just have a higher pole without a shock it would eventually do damage to the mounts on your tower. The AirSling adds almost three feet to your existing tower, which will give you more height & distance & the shock incorporated into the unit takes most of the stress off your tower. 

The AirSling is also an excellent learning tool. Utilizing the adjustable air pressure a rider can get “just that little bit extra” needed to land a first flip. The O-ring included on the shock can also be used to gauge just how hard you load your line – perfecting how you load your line increases your speed – which equates to more air. 
We are committed to bringing the excitement back to your wakeboarding experience. Use of the AirSling gives you a ride unlike you have ever had before – bringing back the fire you had for the sport when you first started to ride. 

Note: photo shows optional Malibu Illusion tower mounting bracket. Contact us about mounting options for your boat.

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